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How do I prepare for my treatment ?

If this is your first appointment, please make sure you have filled out the online intake form so we can maximize your appointment time.


If you are coming for a facial acupuncture appointment, we kindly ask that you arrive with minimal make-up or a bare face. 


For your comfort, please make sure you are well hydrated and are not on an empty stomach or too full. Try to avoid excessive caffeine intake prior to your treatment so that you can be ready to relax !

Is there anything I should avoid after a treatment? 

We will discuss any specific after-care with you depending on your individual treatment, but typically you may feel a bit of post-treatment fatigue. We recommend staying hydrated and avoiding strenuous activity immediately after your session. 

How many treatments will I need? 

The number of treatments will vary depending on each individual case. Typically chronic cases may need more treatments, and more acute conditions will see improvement faster. Healing rarely happens on a straight line, but we strive to get you back to balance as quickly as possible. 

For most cases, a series of weekly treatments at the beginning will yield the most effective results. 

Are your treatments covered under extended health insurance? 

Acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture, and cupping are covered under most extended health plans. Please check with your provider for the exact amount covered. 

Herbal Medicine is typically not covered under most plans, but please inquire with your provider for more information. One week of herbs typically costs between $35-$45. 

Tax is included and we do not accept gratuities for treatments. 

Do you do direct billing? 

Direct billing is offered for most extended healthcare plans!  Please reach out if you have any questions about which plans can be direct billed. 

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